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What is Lingo Arabico?

Lingo Arabico is a social enterprise aiming to modernise spoken Arabic education, link communities and create opportunities. We provide:

  • Products for Levantine Arabic (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine)
  • Resources and advice for learning Levantine and other spoken Arabic dialects


Levantine Arabic Alphabet Course (Free)

Want to learn the Arabic Alphabet with the Levantine pronunciation?  →

Levantine Arabic Beginners VIDEO course (Free)

Want to understand people from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan?

Coming soon…

In-person immersion activity classes (UK only) →

In-person, immersive and engaging courses to get you having everyday conversations.

Coming soon…


Levantine Arabic Resources Guide

Reviewing the resources out there →

Advice & Reviews

Want to find out more about learning Arabic?     →

Language Coaching

Confused about how to tackle Arabic? Looking for year abroad guidance? Consider our language coaching →

Our Aims

1. Modernise spoken Arabic education

We create engaging and interactive online education using videos, storytelling, and games to help understand real life conversation in spoken Levantine Arabic.

2. Create opportunities

As a social enterprise we aim to provide quality employment to refugees and native Arabic speakers in the UK, while investing all profits in developing further resources and opportunities.

3. Link communities

We aim to build bridges between English and Arabic-speaking communities around the world through a shared engagement in the rich language and culture of the Levant.

The Lingo Arabico Team :)

Who is behind the scenes?

Charley, Tom and Hussein met learning and teaching Arabic together in 2019/20 amid Lebanon’s protests and the Covid crisis.

Tom and Hussein were frustrated by the traditionalism of spoken Arabic education, while Charley was increasingly worried by the financial insecurity of many donor’s development projects and multitude of crises facing the region.

Together we decided to bring our 10 years’ experience of teaching and learning foreign languages and managing humanitarian and development responses to start a new social enterprise to fill this gap.

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