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We aim to:

1. Modernise spoken Arabic education

We create engaging and interactive online education using videos, storytelling, and games to help understand real life conversation in spoken Levantine Arabic.

2. Create opportunities

As a social enterprise we aim to provide quality employment to refugees and native Arabic speakers in the UK, while investing all profits in developing further resources and opportunities.

3. Link communities

We aim to build bridges between English and Arabic-speaking communities around the world through a shared engagement in the rich language and culture of the Levant.

Our stories:

Charley – تشارلي

Tom and I are Brits who met while struggling to learn Levantine Arabic in a traditional classroom environment in Lebanon in 2019-20. While I’d lived in Lebanon previously, working in humanitarian and development programming, this was my first foreign language experience. After months of classes with endless grammar and vocab tables, I still didn’t have the ability to confidently say a basic sentence in daily life, yet I was trying to learn Arabic to be able to communicate! We had moved on too fast and focused on grammar, without mastering the basics, and we weren’t the only ones finding it challenging.

Given how many creative ways there are to learn, clearly a fresh approach was needed! So we came together with our close friend and native Arabic speaker Hussein to start to create the products, resources, advice and guidance we wish we’d had along the journey – and Lingo Arabico was formed! 

Tom – توم

Unlike Charley, I had already studied some Modern Standard Arabic before tackling Levantine Arabic. I found the outdated methods used to teach spoken dialects frustrating.

My background is in foreign languages education and I’ve experimented with many products learning French and (Levantine) Arabic. So I know there are more effective and exciting ways to learn a language. My focus is on filling this gap with engaging and interactive education using videos, storytelling, and games to help understand real life conversation.

We’ve already developed a Levantine Arabic Resource Guide, Levantine Alphabet Arabic Course, and interactive classes at different levels. We’re a social enterprise, so any profits will always be going to developing new products and resources!

Hussein – حسين

I’m Lingo Arabico’s tutor and teacher. I met Tom and Charley while teaching in Lebanon. I’m a trained teacher from Syria and have been teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language and early childhood education for over half a decade, both in person and online. I’m excited to potentially work with you!

Please sign-up to join our community newsletter so we can share experiences and resources. Get in touch with us anytime with suggestions or questions through the contact form. We’re keen to hear from you about what is missing and we can work on developing these products!