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How to type in Arabic on your phone and computer

Typing Arabic on your phone

Typing in the Arabic script on your smartphone (or tablet) is much easier than learning to type on your laptop or desktop commuter. We recommend that you turn on your Arabic keyboard option on your phone right away. The following videos show you how for Android and Apple smartphones:

(Touch-) Typing on your computer

Your phone should suffice for most needs, but sometimes its nicer to work on a desktop or laptop.

If this is the case for you, we recommend learning to touch type in Arabic using the following free website to get started.

Learning to type online

Roman to Arabic script text converters

If the use of Latin script in writing Arabic is unfamiliar to you, see our pages on The story of Arabic in Latin script and Our guide write Arabic in Latin script (through the Contents of the course).

There is software out there where you can write in Latin letters, usually with the Arabic Chat Alphabet, and it will pop out Arabic script. See Yamli for example.

We do not recommend their use as they require the prior knowledge of what the Arabic coming out should be, as they are not 100% accurate. In an age of intelligent Arabic input on smartphones and autocorrection, these systems are a crutch that may slow your learning and thinking Arabic.

That said, if you are relatively fluent in a spoken Arabic dialect and are familiar with the Arabic Chat Alphabet these tools may help you attempt to communicate with Syrians or those Arabic-speaking natives who are uncomfortable with the Latinisation of Arabic.

Yamli in action