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What do we do?

Lingo Arabico provides advice for learning the spoken Arabic dialects and resources for Levantine Arabic (spoken in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine).

Currently our products are Levantine only. Click below on the box that best fits you:

1. Beginner

You would like to speak to people from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, or Jordan →

2. MSA to Levantine Arabic conversion

You have studied Modern Standard Arabic. Now you want to start Levantine Arabic →

3. Intermediate/advanced in Levantine Arabic

You already know some/plenty of Levantine Arabic

Levantine Arabic Alphabet Course

Want to learn the Levantine Arabic Alphabet?

This course teaches you the Arabic Alphabet using the Levantine pronunciation from Lebanon and Syria (very similar to Jordan and Palestine).

At the end of the course you will be able to slowly read, write and speak simple Arabic words with this Levantine accent.


Who are we?

Directors Charley and Tom met learning Arabic together in 2019/20 amid Lebanon’s protests and the Covid crisis. Tom was frustrated by the traditionalism of spoken Arabic education, while Charley was increasingly worried by the financial insecurity of many donor’s development projects and multitude of crises facing the region. 

We decided to bring our 10 years’ experience of teaching and learning foreign languages and managing humanitarian and development responses to start a new social enterprise to fill this gap. For more, see About.

How do our products differ from the competition?

№ 1. Modern methods: we draw on the best practice in other foreign language instruction
№ 2. Collaborative approach: we work with Arabic and English native speakers together
№ 3. Not-for-profit: we are a social enterprise focusing on learners and employees

1. Want help guide our project?

If you have learned some Levantine Arabic, we would love if you could help fill out our survey →