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Tom Burton, your potential ‘coach’…

Levantine Arabic Language coaching

What is language coaching?

Coaching is different from tuition or lessons. It is advice in English (or French) about how to best learn Levantine Arabic (or languages in general!).

It can be a one-off session with our Director Tom, or a monthly/fortnightly session throughout your Arabic journey, or a tailored stand-alone course.

Who is this intended for?

Those who are:

  1. overwhelmed by the options facing you as a beginner
  2. frustrated at the sense of an intermediate plateau
  3. looking to excel in immersion at home and abroad

What can coaching help you with?

  • finding the right resources – see our guide here for a start
  • creating a plan or strategy that fits your personality
  • understanding how we learn languages
  • how to create good language learning habits and stick to them

Why trust ME to do this?

ME/I = Tom Burton, Director of Lingo Arabico.

I have experimented with nearly every ‘language learning method’ out there. This began when I learnt French in two years before studying before studying part of my Masters in Paris in French.

After conventional Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) classes at university, in 2019-20 I moved to Tripoli, Lebanon, to learn Levantine Arabic. The challenge of learning spoken Arabic led me to research into how to most effectively teach and acquire foreign languages.

After having been a teacher/tutor over the past decade, I want to prevent others from having to struggle to navigate what’s out there, create useful products and resources, and share advice on them.

Learning Arabic is challenging yet highly rewarding. Having struggled through many different methods and experiences, I can help you better navigate very common issues such as:

  • diglossia between the spoken and written forms
  • managing potential ‘culture shock’ when moving abroad
  • difficulty finding decent resources

Still curious about my professional story? Check out my LinkedIn


The first hour is FREE with no commitments for further sessions.

Price: £30 x 1 hour or £100 x 4 hours

See FAQs for further payments questions.

If you have any questions please get in contact through the below form.

Coaching inquiry form

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