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Levantine Arabic beginners VIDEO course

In January 2024 to 2025 we’ll release a weekly video on our YouTube channel, aimed at beginners learning Levantine Arabic.

If you want to understand people from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, or Jordan, this is the course for you!

Why choose our course?

Our videos will be like no other Arabic learning content currently on the market. They will be delivered entirely in Levantine Arabic (no translations) whilst being:

  1. Comprehensible – we’ll make our language understandable through context and via repetition, images, gestures, illustration, acting-out etc.
  2. Fun & engaging – we’ll enjoy the langauge by playing games and sharing stories
  3. Focused – we focus on four areas all beginnners need: people, movement, routine, and commerce

Levantine Arabic Alphabet Course

Want to learn the Arabic Alphabet with the Levantine pronunciation? →