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Online private or small group

Levantine Arabic tuition

We will add other dialects if there is demand.

Why choose us?

We are always happy to accomodate your individual needs.

But we think our house style is superior to larger platforms. To better understand our approach see X. Our approach changes by level:

Beginner to intermediate

Beginner’s need huge amounts of compelling comprehensible input in the form of storytelling and games. Our tutors use video, collaborative online games and lots of visual context to boost your listening and reading comprehension.

Intermediate to advanced

More advanced students should specialise deeply in their favorite topics. This is the main problem with group courses – they rarely suit your interests!

Our tutors will help you find content to immerse in at home then work through the areas you cannot understand together. Guided speaking practice in your topic area should come after consuming lots of content in that area.

How to book

  • To book a tutor, first contact them through the form below
  • Times will be aranged through the tutor’s Calendly calendar
  • Payment is arranged though X before the lesson
  • Tutors provide a free 30 minute taster session
  • Prices are set by tutors*
  • Group classes of up to three available (discounted at 20% or two, and 30% for three people)

Our Tutors

Hussein Freij – حسين فريج

Teaches: Levantine Arabic and MSA
Also speaks: English
Price: £25 per hour
Country of Origin: Syria
Based in: United Kingdom

Tuition inquiry (1-3 students)

Tuition FAQs


How do I book a lesson?

Fill in the details on the form above and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Timings are booked through the tutor’s calendly link.

Do you offer group lessons?

We will happily consider group bookings of up to three people, please state this in the form.

You must have a similar level and interests for this to work. Mixed level and interest classes are not worth it, trust us!

Then all payment must be collected before the class(es) begin(s).

What video calling software do you use?

We tend to use Google Meet, but we are happy use Skype, or others.

We avoid Zoom because of the 45 minute limit for free accounts.

Do you offer trial lessons?

Yes we offer a free 30 minute trial session with any new tutor. After that, students must pay.

Do you offer lessons for under 18s?

Sorry, we do not for safeguarding, legal, and insurance reasons.

Can I contact teachers out of hours?

Please only contact tutors via email to arrange lessons. Remember they are paid only for the hour of the lesson and are self-employed.


How do I pay?

You pay via the payment window in the email we will send to you. 

*How much do you pay your tutors?

Tutors set their own prices as they are based in different locations with different needs.

Tutors who are on are our YouTube channel keep 100% of the lesson price. For other tutors we keep 20% and transfer 80% to the tutor.

Do you store my card details?

No we do not for security and privacy reasons. We use third party payment companies instead.

Do you offer a student or other discount(s)?

We do not, but it is something we are considering. Please email us if you are struggling to pay for lessons.

Lesson style

What is the best way to learn a language?

This is important question we tackle better in X, Y, and Z. Remember that tuition is just one part of much broader Arabic aquisition strategy that we advocate.

Can I tackle grammar in my lessons?

Or course! We are happy to explore any area you need help with. But if we are honest, we think grammar has serious diminishing returns after the basics.

Is there homework?

Up to you! We are happy to set you work. But tutors will not mark this work outside of class as they are only contracted for the lesson time.

Should I start with dialect or MSA first?

We recommend dialect before MSA/Fus7a, but this is totally up to you. Many (university) students come to dialect lessons with a strong foundation in MSA which of course helps! If this mean nothing to you see [insert link].

Cancellation & refund

Can I cancel my lesson?

You may not cancel lessons within 48 hours of the start time (barring extreme extenuating circumstances). You may rearrange lessons before that time with the consent of the tutor.

If you rearrange your lessons multiple times, we reserve the right to terminate the contract and refund your money. Experience has taught us that some business relationships are not worth it.

Can I get my lesson(s) refunded?

Please only buy lessons you intent to use, or transfer to another individual. We do not offer refunds for lessons (barring extreme extenuating circumstances).