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Modernising the world of spoken Arabic education –
creating employment opportunities – linking communities

We focus on Levantine Arabic – Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan

Are you a total beginner to Levantine Arabic?

Would you like to speak to people from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan? But you are unsure where to start, then click here.

Can you already speak Levantine Arabic or have you studied MSA?

If you have already started your journey to speaking Levantine Arabic, or would like to begin after studying Modern Standard Arabic (MSA or الفصحى), then click here.

Who are we?

Directors Charley and Tom met learning Arabic together in 2019/20 amid Lebanon’s protests and the Covid crisis. Tom was frustrated by the traditionalism of spoken Arabic education, while Charley was increasingly worried by the financial insecurity of many donor’s development projects and multitude of crises facing the region. 

We decided to bring our 10 years’ experience of teaching and learning foreign languages and managing humanitarian and development responses to start a new social enterprise to fill this gap.