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The letter ن

Isolated form
Letter name
noon = نُون

ن has a similar shape to ب ت and ث for the beginning and middle, but with one dot above.

However, ن has new shapes for the isolated and final positions. Notice that the final and isolated shapes are more rounded than ب ت and ث:

Connected only to the letter before it.
two (2)

Connected to the letter before and after it.
two (2)

Connected only to the letter after it.

Written alone or after a non-connecting letter.

Memory Aid

Remember the single dot represents the sun rising above the desert at Noon.

Exercise 1: Joining together letters

Please join up these individual letters to form words. Most of these words have no meaning, they are just for practice. Those that do, are translated. Don’t worry about learning any vocab, just foucus on the exercises.

Again, remember to read from right to left in Arabic!

Example:  نِتُتِ =نِ + تُ + تِ

  1. ب + نْ + ت
  2. ب + ن
  3. ن + ب + ت
  4. ن + ت + ب


  1. ب + نْ + ت = بنْت  girl
  2. ب + ن = بن 
  3. ن + ب + ت = نبت
  4. ن + ت + ب = نتب

Exercise 2: Breaking up words into letters

Please break up the following words in into isolated letters. These words have no meaning, they are just for practice.

For example بُبَ would become بُ followed by بَ. Rememeber to read the Arabic from right to left!

  1. بن
  2. نتب
  3. بنت
  4. نثبت
  5. نبث


  1. بن = ب + ن
  2. نتب = ن + ت + ب
  3. بنت = ب + ن + ت
  4. نثبت = ن + ث + ب + ت
  5. نبث = ن + ب + ث

Exercise ١: Picking out letters from words

Please copy the text below and paste it into a word processor or note-taking app. Then bold the examples of the letter ف or if you want, print out the text and circle them with a pen a paper.

You will not understand most of the text, the skill is just to pick out letters from words!

If your on your mobile you may want to skip this one.

If this is unclear see the opening of the answer video below [Coming soon!].  

حسين: مرحبا !

أنا اسمي حسين وأنا من سوريا من حلب

بس هلق أنا ساكن ب لبنان ب طرابلس

عمري تنين وتلاتين سنة ومتزوج ومرتي من بريطانيا

درست المعلوماتية الإدارية وكمان درست دبلومة ب الجامعة الإمريطيا ب التعليم

بحكي انجليزي وبحكي عربي

بشتغل أستاذ لغة العربية وأحياناً بشتغل مترجم مع صحفيين

بالتوفيق !